From Mesa Verde we went to Four Corners.  As I explained in the lengthy post a few days ago, we were quite upset about that.  We took a decent number of pictures of us outside the gate with the sign that announced its Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s closed dates.  The first shot of this update are the three shots which capture our truest emotions.

That night (Thanksgiving) we arrived in Santa Fe.  Friday we went into the downtown area and walked around, ate food, and shopped.  There are several photos of us in this area, above.

Santa Fe was quite an artsy little city.  I was somewhat surprised how artsy the southwest was, having not spent much time there.  My impression of the southwest was one that leaned towards the conservative and the practical, not the artistic.  It made our visit more rewarding.

In the center of the downtown square, there was a monument to white soldiers who fought in several skirmishes against the natives.  The vandalized monument used to read “savage” before the word was scratched out.  The monument had a nearby plaque which explained that the sentiments which existed during the time in which the monument was erected.